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Technician Focus - Callum Stanton

Callum joined our Midhurst branch in July 2016 immediately after finishing his GCSE exams

to start his John Deere apprenticeship with Farol. Callum has a passion for the agricultural

machinery trade, he has recently restored his own Ferguson TEF20 tractor in his spare time at


I wanted to join Farol due to the appeal of the great reputation the John Deere

apprenticeship scheme has. I have now nearly completed my first year of my

apprenticeship and have so far thoroughly enjoyed the course material and the

training I’ve had at the Farol depot and with the technicians from the Midhurst

branch. I am looking forward to completing the next two years of my apprentice-


- Callum Stanton, Farol Apprentice Technician

I wanted fixed costs on my machines and to protect my

tractor investment. I know that brakes are a wearing part of

my tractor and if they are not checked can lead to expensive

repairs. I choose to have the brakes checked and replaced as

part of my service agreement with Farol

- Steve Miles, Farmer & Contractor near Aylesbury, Bucks

Twin Axle

Single Axle





Fixed Price Trailer Brake Service Offers

• Up to 75% of the kinetic energy comes from the trailer, but tractors are expected to do

most of the braking.

• Modern tractor/trailer combinations can travel at up to 30mph (48kph) and can have up to

2.5x more kinetic energy than when travelling at 20mph (30kph).

Trailer Braking Facts:

(study conducted by the Farmers Weekly Academy)

Trailer brake service and inspection includes:

• Removal of wheel and brake drum, inspect brakes, lighting function, electrical wiring condition, hydraulic cylinder

and hoses, suspension components, brake lines (both air and hydraulic).

• Reinstall wheel, adjust handbrake, wheel bearings and brakes.

*Prices exclude VAT and are subject to travel charges.