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FarmSight Customer Study

Since taking delivery of the product in July, Rob Redman,

of RJR Contracting, and his team have spread around

11,000 tonnes of Lime, Chalk and Fibrophos with one

machine across Bucks, Oxon, Warwickshire, Berkshire,

Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire in 2016.

Having been approached by Needham Chalks to carry

out spreading taks for them, Rob

purchased a variable rate KRM Bredal

lime spreader through Farol Ltd to work

alongside the Gen 4 CommandCenter

Premium Activation in his John Deere

6195R tractor for his spreading needs.

“It’s one of the best moves I’ve made

for my business” Rob says.

Using a JDLink Connect subscription,

which forms part of Rob’s Connected

Tractor Package, he has been using

the Wireless Data Transfer element

to be able to send and receive the

variable rate files created by Needham

Chalks and Soyl.

“The tractor can be out spreading the

day’s work and we can already send him the files for the

next day or the next job whilst he is working.

Luke Ward of Farol FarmSight and Freddie Rolt of

Needham Chalks have been working together during the

season with Freddie sending the map files to Luke for him

then to send on to the tractor

saving Rob time in a busy season

and again making full use of this

Connected Tractor Package.

“The support from the FarmSight

guys has been absolutely brilliant,

Luke and Jeff have been blinding

and I wouldn’t have been able

to do it without them. Both

products have performed almost

faultlessly across the season.”

“Work is carrying on through

the winter as the season has

been good and dry and this

should hopefully continue into

the spring and will may well be

looking at a 2nd variable rate

spreading machine in the future.”



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