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Technician Focus - Wayne Godfrey

Wayne Godfrey studied and achieved his City and Guilds with the Berkshire College of Agriculture. Since coming to work

for Farol 13years ago Wayne has continued with his training and keeping himself up to date

with the latest products achieving LTA level 3. In 2008. Wayne became a qualified NSTS tester

and since then has followed the technology closely and become key to success of sprayer

sales in the Shefford Area. He is often called on to tackle the most complex of machinery and

implement operation problems when a diagnostic head is required.

Being part of the Farol service team means I get great opportunities to keep up

to date with technology, hone my skills and use them keep our customers going.

Its just a great industry to work in and I still enjoy the challenges and passing on

my knowledge to others.

- Wayne Godfrey, Farol Technician

Book a test before 31st August 2017 and take advantage

of our reduced rate of


per metre!

Up to 12mtr FIXED PRICE


Price based on tests carried out at a Farol depot by trained

sprayer technicians. (certification cost not included)

Let one of our highly training staff visit your sprayer in-

season and work with you to get the best performance from

your machine. As well as ensuring the mechanical aspects of

the sprayer are best set for the crop, we will make sure you

understand the technical features of the machine to make sure

you are using the technology most effectively.

Optimisation Visit



• The average sprayer is 90% inefficient (i.e. only 10% of the chemical hit the plant source)

• Chemicals are becoming more expensive and plants more resistant meaning more

applications of spray and more cost.

• A tiny droplet 100 microns in diameter (about the diameter of a human hair) takes 11

seconds to fall 10 feet. At 50 microns, it takes 40 seconds to fall that far

• With such high potential for incorrect application, it’s important to get your machine

setup and optimised for your specific crop with pressure, droplet size and application rate all

correctly calibrated. See below for how Farol can help optimise your machine this season.

Sprayer Facts:


32mtr Sprayer

Sprayer Testing