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“Check kingpin and bearing wear - With excessive wear in kingpins this enables movement in the

affected corner causing additional wear to track rod ends and wheel bearings -

normally resulting in hub seal leak and/or wheel bearing wear- Checking regularly

can prolong the life of these components preventing downtime when needed most”

‘Manitou Mike’ Recommends - Kingpin and Bearing Wear Check



- Mike Bland, Ag Service Advisor

Since joining Farol from a plant background I have

always been involved with the Manitou product

which ended up being a speciality. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to really

focus on the product from all aspects from installation to maintenance and even

product training. Now in my current role I can pass on the valuable experience I have

been able to acquire to my team of technicians and really focus on delivering the best

customer experience through the products we support.

“By the nature of a telehandler the boom wear pads will wear over time as the boom moves. Therefore

they require measuring and adjustment to keep the correct clearance to enable smooth operation

of the boom and also ensure protection of the expensive inner and outer boom

sections. We will measure and shim the existing wear pads to correct manufacturers

specifications and lubricate the boom.”

‘Manitou Mike’ Recommends

- BoomWear Pad Adjustment


Manitou Easy Manager™ enables an array of featured for both customer and dealer, such as being

able to remotely locate your machine or set a geo-fence to alert when a machine leaves the pre

set boundary. You can also view a detailed activity report and receive alerts

for maintenance, plus the ability to retrieve any error codes enabling remote

diagnostic support.”

‘Manitou Mike’ Recommends -

Manitou Easy Manager™


Price per corner

Price includes fitting and 1 year subscription