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Garden Power Tools Service

• Air filter change

• Fuel filter change

• Spark plug change

• Set carburettor

• Full operational check

• Chain sharpen and dress bar•

Price per machine excluding VAT.

*where applicable

• Chain oil change*

• Chain brake operation check*

• Sharpen hedge cutter blades*

• Grease gearbox*


Brushcutter or


• Engine oil change and filter

• Air filter change

• Fuel filter change

• Spark plug change

• Sharpen mower blades

• Battery condition check

and starting

• Engine cooling check

• Tyre condition and

pressure check

• Level mower deck

• Drive belt condition check

• Full machine grease and

lubricate service

• Safety system check

• Check and tighten hardware

• Clean radiator fins

• Transmission oil level check

• Deck alignment and spindle


• Transmission oil and filter


• Spark plug change

• Engine oil change

• Air filter change

• Safety check and appraisal

• Remove, sharpen balance blade

Prices exclude VAT and delivery/


*Some service items only on certain


X500 - X700

X100 - X300





Let us help you cut costs, as well as your lawn!

“A CESAR registered machine is 4 times less likely to be stolen

and 6 times more likely to be recovered if stolen”

When purchasing your new STIHL machine,

ask at the counter about getting your machine

booked in to be Micro CESAR tagged.

Get Protected. Get Tagged



Groundcare Servicing