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140 Piece Service Kit

RRP £895 + vat

Showroom Sales

- Harry Opperman, Showroom Sales (Midhurst Depot)

Its important to me that customers are served quickly and get the correct parts they

require, if it’s a lawn mower that a customer buys I like to follow-up with the customer

to make sure all is good. Working in a close environment with aftersales means we

can give better advise and support to keep customers going.

“Why not get prepared for Harvest

2017 by getting a Vapormatic

VLV5070 reversing camera kit

fitted to your combine, making

manoeuvring around tight areas easy

and improving safety on the farm.”

Harry Recommends

- Reversing Camera Kit




BG86 C-E



WAS £320

“Its always important to keep the dust and debris away

from the engines and radiators on tractors and other

machinery. Having high volume low pressure airflow is

always best and there is no better tool for the job than a

STIHL blower! It’s even ideal for your combine harvester!”

- Harry Opperman, Showroom Sales


• Steel construction

• Protective mats

• Removable top tray

• Heavy duty handles