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Aircon Regas (Any John Deere Machine)



Receiver Drier Service for 5 & 6 series tractors





*When fitted during an aircon service (price listed above).



Poor flow from the vents even though the fan is flat out?

It could be that the evaporator

(the radiator under the operator seat) is blocked due to poor/dirty cab filters. This debris can

build up over time so the effects to the air flow can be slow to see. Not only can this be costly

to put right it makes for uncomfortable operating conditions in the cab.

Is your aircon system working effectively ready for summer?

Our aircon service includes both

“before” and “after” testing following the A/Con regas to ensure the system is working as it should

be. Our trained A/con technician can recommend additional servicing to help improve the system


Over time the gas in the aircon system can deteriorate and moisture can build up in the receiver

drier filter. This reduces the cooling efficiency of the system and can lead to expensive repairs to the

compressor and valves. Replacing this filter with a genuine John Deere part is a simple process and

can be carried out on-farm or at your nearest Farol depot.

Technician Focus - Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke has worked for Farol at Byfield for 5 years and worked as an Agricultural engi-

neer for 15 years. Richard has recently achieved his LTA 3 accreditation which is testament

to the wide variation of machinery he works on. Richard has been paramount to the success

of the Byfield depot and has been a key engineer in the supporting the harvest equipment

during the season especially with his specialism on Large Square balers.

He also trained on our Manitou product and has helped grow the groundscare servicing in

the Byfield area.

I really enjoy the variety of machines I get to work on from a Large frame tractor to the precision nature

of Golf club machinery. Farol and John Deere are really pushing the boundaries with technology with

the use of JDLink and Service Advisor Remote which leads to an exciting and interesting future for our


- Richard Clarke, Farol Technician