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Technician Focus - Iain Mackinnon

Let one of our highly training staff visit your combine in-

season and work with you to get the best performance from

your machine. As well as ensuring the mechanical aspects of

the combine and header are best set for the crop, we will make

sure you understand the technical features of the combine to

make sure you are using the technology most effectively.

Based at Milton Common Iain Mackinnon has been working for Farol for 15 years. Iain’s

experience was originally in construction having worked in the civil engineering field. When Iain

moved to Farol he undertook training and applied himself to all aspects of farm machinery repairs

and learning on the job. Training together with Farol, Iain has an accumulated an impressive

training portfolio for all Farol’s main franchises. This means Iain work can encompass all product

lines. Its been a natural progression but now Iain specialises in harvest machinery, in particular

combine harvesters.

I do enjoy working on combines. There is enormous satisfaction knowing that

I have helped, in a small way, the farmer to get all his hard work from the

field. Best of all ,I get to work on “big boys toys” everyday, travel around the

countryside meeting new and interesting people and work on some of the most

advanced John Deere product.

- Iain Mackinnon, Farol Technician

Fixed Price Services

W Series - 20 Series: 2054, 2056, 2066, 2254, 2256, 2264, 2266

S Series - 9000 series: 9580, 9880

C Series: C670, 9780CTS, 9780, W Series IT4: W540, W550

S Series IT4: S680, S685, S690

T Series IT4: T560



W Series - 10 Series: 1065, 1075, 1085, CWS: 1450, 1470


£1250 £1800


£1350 £2200

£1000 £1750 £2395

£1100 £1750 £2395

£1200 £1875 £Call Us

S Series FT4: S680, S685, S690, T Series FT4: T660, T670

£1200 £1995 £Call Us

T Series FT4: T560

S Series FT4: S670

£1200 £1950 £Call Us

S Series IT4: S670

£1200 £1925 £Call Us

£1100 £1900 £Call Us

£1100 £1800 £2395

T Series IT4: T660, T670

£1150 £1900 £2495

S Series - 9680


£1750 £2200


Expert Check plus:

• Engine oil and filter

• Engine fuel filters

• Full machine lubrication

• Belt and chain adjust

• Engine outer air filters


Expert Check + Essential Service plus:

• Overshot beater oils, countershaft

gearbox oils, feederhouse reverser oil

• Transmission filter replaced, engine

gearcase filter replaced

• All air filter elements and DEF filter

change (if equipped)


Expert Check + Essential + Interim


• Replacement of hydraulic oil and

filters, transmission oil, final drive

oils and cylinder drive reduction oil

• Air-con system check and machine


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