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Welcome to our first newsletter for

our ‘Field Technology’ department,

and thank you for signing up for

our membership.

We know that over the next few

years we will experience some

incredible advances in technology

that will reduce farming input costs


We will not

only have



steering for


ground coverage, but will have

machinery and technology that will

revolutionise our accuracy for sprays

and fertilisers, imperative for future

ecology and obviously a huge effect

on profitability.

Take crop spraying for one example,

with standard set up this procedure

can be over 90% inefficient, recently

we have had access to machines

that have individual nozzle shut

off; which combined with mapping

data and satellite tracking improves

our ground cover and can exclude

or include boundaries or other

anomalies in the field.

But imagine what the future

could hold when we could have

flying drones that take off from

the tractor cab, analyse

the field, then

send data

direct to the

“As important for farming in tomorrow’s world as the

personal computer has become for today’s world”

sprayer to give the correct chemical

to individual plants? How much do

you spend on sprays on fertilizers?

What would the difference to farm

profitability be if future technology

advances reduces this cost by 30%,

40% or more?

This is especially poignant when

commodities prices are low and

farm inputs high, efficiency is key

and we will have the technology.

Just like the huge advantages that

‘early adopters’ of computing (I.T)

had over people and companies

that didn’t embrace technology.

Without I.T some companies

became inefficient and went out

of business, some were left behind

chasing their tails trying to ‘catch

up’ only when it was impossible

to compete without I.T. But some

companies were early adopters

of I.T and grew because of their

massive efficiency advantage.

We believe we are in the most

important evolution of farming for

the past 30 years. We have a fast

growing list of customers seeing

real advantage of field technology

already and are eagerly keen to

explore new systems as

and when they


That is why we have invested heavily

in our FarmSight department, with

new training facilities and many

highly trained specialists, we have

put a lot of thought into what

packages and support we can offer

our customers, we can assist ‘at any

level’ your path into or advancing

your technical knowledge or assist

in reporting, set up or sale of Field


As this

department is

also a rapidly growing part of Farol,

please give us feedback of what

you need and would like from us

or John Deere to assist your ‘Field

Technology’ journey and we will do

our best to accommodate.

Matthew Vellacott

Managing Director