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John Deere ExactEmerge: High

speed precision planting

Vacuum automation system guarantees high levels of seed-singling quality.

Active Downforce Control activates downforce pressure as needed, Curve

Compensation controls the row units for different seed frequencies when

cornering for identical seed spacing’s in all rows. The seed disc rotational

speed equals implement travel speed, ensuring a high level of seed spacing

and fast-response section control system enables precise sowing.

New Technology

ITEC AutoLearn

The ‘iTech AutoLearn’ system from John Deere supports operators, because

it detects similar headland sequences automatically. After it detects that

the last sequence was repeated three times, it suggests that the sequence

should be automated. The operator can accept the suggestion by pressing

a button to store it to the system and can also be edited at a later time.

Connected Crop Protection & Chemical

Application Manager

The Connected Crop Protection and Chemical Application Manager

are an intuitive system that helps users make decisions for a targeted,

well-timed, and precise application. This integrated system uses key

technologies that offer recommendations and operator assistance for

filling and spraying and automatically take buffer zones into account and

includes full documentation.

It also integrates the Chemical Application Manager, a joint development

by BASF and John Deere in conjunction with public-sector partners ISIP,

ZEPP, JKI and KTBL. The user controls the cycle, plans and edits precision

farming applications, documents the individual jobs and provides his

partners with access to the consultation feature. The system also includes the scanning of product codes for further

automation of the documentation. From problem identification to treatment recommendation, this application complies

with the law and provides prompt and time-efficient documentation.

John Deere Active Yield:

Automatic calibration

John Deere has extended the yieldmetering systemwith Active Yield calibration

system. Three weighing cells are fitted inside the grain tank and measure the

vertical forces as the filling level rises comparing these forces with the data

from the yield sensor, taking into account the moisture sensor reading. The

accuracy increases as the number of tank fills increase, so that the inaccuracy

settles around +/- 3%.