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Connected Nutrient Management:

Comprehensive nutrient management

Connected Nutrient Management is a user-friendly, optimized nutrient

management system of planning and optimization for highly precise fertilizer

application of organic and chemical N and P fertilizers whilst taking into account

harvest history.

Innovation partners John Deere, Land Data Eurosoft, VISTA, Rauch and Sulky

have put data, knowledge and key technologies in a smart, complete bundle

to offer the user an agronomically optimized, site-specific nutrient application

system complying with fertilizer application regulations and higher precision

when planning and applying organic or artificial fertilizers.

The system is a cost-cutter, optimizing yields in terms of quality and quantity while complying with the strict fertilizer

regulations and offering site-specific documentation. For the first time ever, farmers will be able to precisely determine,

apply and document nutrient demands for specific sub-areas, regardless of the type of organic or artificial fertilizer







The John Deere ‘Active Fill Control Sync’ uses GPS data of both the

forage harvester and the tractor trailer combination

travelling alongside. The camera on the chute

captures the contours of the trailer and the

current filling level and controls the

tractor autonomously with the trailer

being filled automatically and no part

of the crop is lost.

John Deere Active Fill Control Sync