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On Tuesday 15th December, the

Farol FarmSight team invited 20

S-Series combine customers from

around the group area to Milton

Common, for the first model specific

open forum event at the new depot.

This meeting gave customers the

chance to meet other S-Series

combine users from the Farol group

to share harvest optimization tips

and discuss the data collected from

their combine through JDLink with

a view to further maximizing their

harvest for 2016.

In attendance from John Deere we

had Product Sales Specialist for

combines, Scott Mackenzie and

John Deere Product Sales Specialist

for AMS, Oliver Beekes supporting

this event. The event was very well

received, with all custom-

ers commenting that it

was very beneficial to meet

other S-Series combine

owners from across the


Everyone provided invaluable feed-

back which we are working with,

and going forward we plan to run

this event again at a similar time to

the event in 2015.

Please see the 2016 Farol FarmSight

Training Calendar for more details.



How do we carry out accu-

rate yield calibrations?

Carry out more than one cali-

bration and calculate average

of the recorded values.

Combine at different speeds during

the calibration to give more of a

varied reading on the yield sensor.

Ensure accurate calibration when

moving between crops.

(Detailed instructions will be given

during Model Specific Combine

Training, see training calendar)


During the previous data

analysis event, it became ap-

parent that it is difficult to improve

efficiency from a single year of

JDLink data, as you have no per-

sonal bench mark due to seasonal


If you have always cut in

lands, try to cut up and back

on yourself to see if that saves

you time on headland turns. Or try

cutting an extra time around the

headland to make turns smoother

and quicker.


What is the % in-field seasonal

efficiency of a combine?

During the harvest period,

John Deere set a benchmark

for time at work as 80% machine


Use the machine utilisation tool

within JDLink to check your harvest


*Time in field only, not including road

transport (above 16kph).

Useful Tips


‘’ Found it very interesting comparing data from other farms and how to improve on this coming year!’’

Dave Cole - Carlisle Farms

‘’Bringing like minded operators together and a chance to discuss current technology’’

Eric Wright - Wrights Contracting

Above: Example of a JDLink machine utili-

sation screen.