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Are you ready for Farm Management Software?

2016 has arrived. As we gear up for

a new set of financial, operational &

agronomic decisions for the seasons

ahead, it’s worth considering some

Farm Management software. 2016

seems to be the year when farmers

will truly begin to look closely at

their data, and use it to make better

management decisions. By doing

this and getting a tighter grip on

your margins it could give you the

competitive edge.

Investing in the right program can

make your business more profitable,

so lets take a look at MyJohnDeere.

com. What are the things you

should consider and what are the

benefits of Operations Centre?


The first and most obvious is cost.

Currently Operations Centre from

John Deere is free and likely to

remain so.


Security in this digital age is

always a concern. Nobody wants

their data getting into the wrong

hands, so a system that’s secure

and backed up is essential. Setting

up a MyJohnDeere account is

not dissimilar to an online bank

account, and like your bank account

you can be sure John Deere doesn’t

share data with any 3rd parties.

What’s more, once securely logged

in you choose who has access to

your data and at what level.


In a changing world we’re all more

mobile. Operations Centre is a cloud

based system. Run the program

from your desk, your tablet or a

smart phone, anywhere you have

a connection to the internet.


Many customers have more than

one manufacturer of precision

equipment or agricultural machine

on the farm. Operations Centre is a

system that is open to developers

to integrate with and compatible to

many systems. Currently we can up-

load data from John Deere 2600,

2630 and the new GEN4 Command

Centre. As well as Trimble FMX and

Ag Leader displays.


Operations Centre is simple

and intuitive to use. With

systems that are cloud based,

software updates and new

features are added automatically as

and when they come to market, so


always up to date and have use of

all the latest features.


Farm management software can

help you manage your business

more efficiently; investing in

technology by recognising the

advantages and developing a longer

term perspective on the future of

your farm business could gain you

an advantage for the future.

For further

information on

Operations Centre,

FREE from John

Deere, and the




add to your

business go to

or speak to us at Farol FarmSight.

Jeff Richings

FarmSight Manager