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Technology Updates

Integrated Combine Adjustment 2

John Deere has upgraded the existing Interactive Combine Adjustment

technology to Integrated Combine Adjustment (ICA 2). Two cameras are

inside the grain and the returns elevators as well as more accurate grain

loss sensors and the system will correct all relevant settings automatically

and continuously, including rotor speed, concave clearance, fan speed, sieve

settings and throughput (priority: quality or output).

MyJohnDeere / GateKeeper Integration

GateKeeper now integrates with the MyJohnDeere web portal facilitating wireless data exchange between GateKeeper

and GreenStar displays. Functionality remains the same as the current integration with GS3 displays. The changes

mean that data is exported locally to the pc before being uploaded to the MyJohnDeere web portal. Conversely when

completed records are imported back to GateKeeper, they are downloaded locally to the pc before being imported in

the conventional way.