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Nearly 16 years ago, John Deere

changed farming when it introduced

the StarFire guidance system.

Improvements were made in the

following years with StarFire iTC

and StarFire 3000 receivers. Now,

the company takes satellite-based

guidance to even higher




repeatability and signal

pull-in speed with the

introduction of the

StarFire 6000 receiver

and SF3 signal.

The new

StarFire 6000 receiver has been

designed to give customers greater

precision capabilities, accuracy

and uptime. “To optimize the

performance of the StarFire 6000

receiver, we’re offering the all-

new SF3 correction

level, which delivers

40 percent greater

p a s s - t o - p a s s

accuracy, new

i n- season

Group Tel:

08707 50 10 20




Jeff Richings

Luke Ward

Jon Edwards

Head Office:

Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2NZ

07980 869324

07884 580099

07771 567466

Introducing the


StarFire 6000™


repeatability and 66 percent faster

pull-in time than the previous SF2

correction level.”

With the combination of the StarFire

6000 Receiver and SF3 signal,

customers can get RTK-like accuracy

without having to invest in an RTK

system, or if they are operating in

fields without an RTK network.

StarFire 6000 with SF3 is a great

solution when RTK is not available

and customers want in-season

repeatable accuracy to 1.2 inches.

SF3 customers can use the same

guidance lines for multiple passes

throughout the growing season

which allows precise placement of

seed and nutrients without shifting

lines or remapping boundaries.

Deere has maintained its plug-and-

play integration of the new receiver,

making it compatible with current

and former displays and other

technologies that customers are

using on their equipment.

“Customers can get RTK-like accuracy

without having to invest in anRTKsystem,

or if they are operating in fields without

an RTK network.”

New Features:

Faster pull-in time and

improved performance in

shaded conditions

Choose from a range of

differential correction

levels from 6-inches to sub-

inch accuracy

In-season repeatability

throughout the season

Rapid Recovery feature can

quickly re-acquire lost