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Technology Updates

Lots of new and exciting features to talk about in this FarmSight Magazine. Heres a look at what’s new.

• Manual boundary creation from map when creating new or editing existing fields.

• Setup builder compatibility with 1800,2600,2630 and Gen 4 4100 and 4600 displays

• Agrian prescription creator from combine yield data.

The below information provides an overview of the most recent updates to the John Deere Operations Center.

Feature 1:

Draw a boundary

In addition to the current MyJohnDeere Operations Center

functionality of importing and creating boundaries from

previous operations, boundaries can now also be drawn

manually on the map.

This will allow for the establishment of boundaries for

new fields that have not yet been worked and will enable

the Field Detection and Last Operation features without

substantial in-field investment. Functionality is limited to

exterior boundaries.

End users will be able to:

• Manually draw points over Google™-based aerial image

• Draw boundaries as a polygon, circle, or rectangle

• Add as many points as needed

• Reverse decisions while drawing the boundary without having to redraw the entire boundary

• Define the field and boundary name


• Be able to draw an outline (rough boundary) before the operations starts on a new field. This is specifically valuable

for contractors which start work for a new client or on a new set of fields

• Enable Field Detection and Last Operation in the

Operations Center, which automatically fixes operator

mistakes and helps to bring in documentation data to the

right field

• Have manually and GPS-recorded boundaries available

for one field

NOTE: Google Maps™ mapping system only provides a

limited level of accuracy which can vary from region to

region. The manually drawn field boundary might show a

size which is different to the actual field size.