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John Deere 360 degree camera

The factory-installed technology processes digital data, which expands the

operator’s vision by offering perspectives from different angles or integrates

additional information and image processing algorithms into the image. Using a

number of cameras, the system creates a 360° panoramic view and 360° image of

the machine and its surrounding from various perspectives including a bird’s eye







Feature 2:

Partner data editing ability (field details)

With sufficient agronomic data permissions, partners can now perform edits to add, delete, rename and merge/unmerge

fields on organizations other than their own. The partner wanting to perform this action will need the administrator role

for MyFiles and being granted access to the respective fields.


Either contractors working closely together with their

clients or dealerships supporting their customers can now

more easily give support in organizing the field & boundary

database of their clients/customers. This enables further

service opportunities for them.

Carbon fibre sprayer booms

After making their first public

appearance at Cereals 2016,

the new John Deere carbon

fibre sprayer booms made

by King Agro are getting

everyone talking. 5.5x

stronger than steel,

they are easily able to

withstand the high

forces created by higher

application speeds of 20

to 30kph, even with very

wide booms. Available to

order in Q3 2017.

Setup builder enhancements:

GreenStar 2600/1800 compatibility

Now setup files can be created in the MyJohOperations Center for the GreenStar

displays GS2 1800, GS2 2600, GS3 2630, and Gen4 CommandCenter™ display.

Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) will continue to only work with the GS3 2630 and

Gen4 CommandCenter (4600).

Full update release notes here: