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MyJobConnect Package


Intelligent job management from John Deere

The brand-indpendent MyJobConnect package enables users to run the newly developed Job Management

system through an Operations Centre account and can be easily used on Apple iPhone and iPad.

The package includes the MyJobs app, MyJobsManager app and Jobs functionality in the John Deere

Operations Centre.

MyJobs App

(Operator View)

MyJobsManager App

(Manager View)

• Synchronization between the manager and

operator apps allows an instant overview about

all planned, ongoing and completed jobs.

• Operator can be asked

to fill out a work report

with figures such as time

worked, area covered or

fuel used.

• Data accuracy is

increased compared to

paper forms and invoices can be sent out faster.

• Operator always holds all necessary information

for current and upcoming jobs which cuts down

on phone calls to check details.

• The operator can start

pre-scheduled jobs

as all information is

syncronised from the

manager’s app.

• Operators spend less

time on the phone or

filling in paper forms.

MyJobConnect Premium - The Agricultural Sat Nav

• Road & field navigation including road restrictions,

secondary roads and field entry points.

• Estimated arrival times between lead vehicle and

transport vehicles, allowing better planning of fuel

stops or allowing chase vehicles to run in Eco mode.

• MyLogistics app enables the user to add machines

and locations with ‘Smart Destination’, in order to

automatically commute between two or more targets.

Key Features:

Above left:

Fleet proximity bar showing ETA to lead machine

Above right:

Clearly marked field entry point save operators

time when moving between field

Bolt-on Package