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The simple and affordable tractor GPS

guidance system for iPhone or iPad.





Special Offer

The onTrak system benefits from unprecedented

simplicity. There are no wires to get trapped in

doors and machines, no power supply to

worry about and no modifications

required. The battery on the onTrak

device lasts for 24 hours of continuous

use. Charging is simple using a

standard USB lead.

Bluetooth Connection

The onTrak device connects to the machine

operator’s iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth. No

pairing or codes are required, simply open the

app and turn on the onTrak device. There is

no requirement at all for a 3G or data

connection on the iPhone or iPad.


Field of ViewWorking

The Patent Pending onTrak

system delivers the operator

a first class experience.

Unlike other guidance

systems the onTrak delivers

the guidance aids right where the

operator needs them, on the front of the bonnet.

Without having to shift their focus or move their eyes

the operator is kept continuously up to date with

guidance without any e ort.

“Positioning the device on the bonnet of the tractor

rather than within the cab greatly reduces the

accommodative e ort of the user’s eyes and leads to

a better experience and reduced fatigue” – Neil

Frost, Optometrist


With the onTrak system there are no constraints, the

system is equally at home on an RTV or a 200 hp

tractor. Due to the unique patent pending design, the

onTrak device requires no wires or installation. Simply

place the system on any machine and harness the

potential of GPS guidance. Never before has it been

so easy to equip any vehicle with precision guidance.

Built-in 24 hour

Rechargeable Battery

The positioning receiver is situated within

the onTrak device itself. The specialist

module receives signals from GPS,

GLONASS, and Galileo satellite

constellations and correction signals from

SBAS services including EGNOS. This

results in a pass to pass accuracy of

20–30 cm, the best achievable without

an expensive subscription service.

Positioning Receiver

The connection to iPhone or iPad allows the

onTrak to take advantage of the tremendous

power of these smart devices. The iOS

familiar interfaces, vivid displays and high

performance leave the tractor operator to

concentrate on the task in hand.

iOS Power