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We also sell baler twine and net

wrap in our showrooms


for our



net wrap &

baler twine




Fixed Price Service


McHale 998



Square Wrapper

• Full machine appraisal with report

• Remove all guards, check and

adjust chains

• Inspect and check sensors,

wiring and hoses

• Check wheel bearings and PTO

• Grease up and test run

• Change Hyd filter, Pump and

motor gearbox oils

With your high capacity McHale

998 now parked up for the winter,

why not have it serviced by factory

trained technicians reducing down

time in season.

For further information please con-

tact your local Farol Service Man-

ager who will be happy to discuss

your service needs.


Keep it GENUINE with John Deere Mower Blades

Genuine John Deere knives will be more resistant to

wear than look a like parts; one reason for this is the

manufacturing process each knife goes through. Steel bars

used to make knives go through a cold forming process.

The edges of the knives are cold formed by pressing the

steel. The continuous grain flow that results from this

process yields superior mechanical properties of wear

resistance. Several other manufacturers generate the

cutting edges by grinding. This process breaks the grain

flow and creates micro tears, which may initiate cracks.