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Julian Russell- Hayes

Cowdray Estate Polo, West Sussex

“With John Deere PowerGard from Farol

you know if something goes wrong

you are covered, you also know where

you are financially, meaning you can

budget much easier as there are no nasty


Stephen & Rob Kirk

Holt Farm, Lutterworth, Leicester

“We purchased PowerGard on our first

John Deere 6150R tractor to fix our

repair costs on the farm. We can budget

for the ownership and with Farol carrying

out the service we have piece of mind.

We have been convinced it works and

have purchased it on our second 6150R

and our 5055E”

PowerGard Warranty - What is it?

John Deere PowerGard is an extended warranty that can be purchased for

your machine. Unlike other manufacturers warranty John Deere PowerGard

is manufacturer based. This means no “middle men” who decide what

will and won’t be paid for! PowerGard is not just based here in the UK.

PowerGard is part of EAME, meaning it extends into Europe.

Main dealer servicing forms the foundation to PowerGard and is now a

requirement to any PowerGard package. PowerGard ties in with your regular

maintenance, after all a correctly maintained and set up machine will always

be more reliable.

What’s Covered?

There are two levels of PowerGard

Warranty to chose:

PowerGard Protection

looks after the

key parts of the machine, the engine,

transmissions and chassis.

PowerGard Protection Plus

looks after

everything else. Like any warranty it does

not pay for wearing items, maintenance

items or damage

How much extended warranty is on the

machine is up to you- John Deere now

offers up to 6 years/6000hrs on some


How does it work?

Quite simply, the warranty works in the

same way as your basic warranty on your

equipment. You continue to use the main

dealer for warranty repairs. As the warranty

is based within John Deere it is linked to

the tractor it remains on the tractor. You

can take advantage of PowerGard on used

machines as Farol can still process repair


PowerGard covers all of these machines plus many more....

For further information on PowerGard Warranty please speak to your local

Aftersales Manager or call 08707 50 10 20