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Golf & Grass



• Engine oil change and filter

• Air filter change

• Fuel filter change

• Spark plug change

• Sharpen mower blades

• Battery condition check and starting

• Engine cooling check

• Tyre condition and pressure check

• Level mower deck

• Drive belt condition check

• Full machine grease and lubricate service

• Safety system check

• Check and tighten hardware

• Clean radiator fins

• Transmission oil level check

• Deck alignment and spindle check

• Transmission oil and filter change*


Drive belt replacement fitted


Brake pad replacement


Brake discs + pad replacement


Fixed Price Gator Deals

(Front or Rear)

(Front or Rear)

Service 1 (200/400/600hr)


Service 2 (800hr)



Garden Power Tools Service

• Air filter change

• Fuel filter change

• Spark plug change

• Set carburettor

• Full operational check

• Chain sharpen and dress bar•

Price per machine excluding VAT.

*where applicable

The Grass is Growing! Fixed Price Lawn Mower Services




Walk Behind

• Spark plug change

• Engine oil change

• Air filter change

• Safety check and appraisal

• Remove, sharpen balance blade

Prices exclude VAT and delivery/

collection. *Some service items only

on certain models

• Chain oil change*

• Chain brake operation check*

• Sharpen hedge cutter blades*

• Grease gearbox*


Brushcutter or


All fitting in depot. Prices exclude VAT