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What is an engineering apprenticeship?

Like all apprenticeships, the John Deere service technician and parts support schemes

combine training with paid employment, leading to nationally recognised and valued

qualifications. Apprentices work at a John Deere dealership but also spend eight weeks

each year at Babcock International Group’s Ruddington Training Academy and at John

Deere’s headquarters, both near Nottingham. You are supported by a designated learning

adviser and by the employing dealer, gaining valuable workplace skills by undertaking

practical tasks and experiencing real-life challenges. Every apprentice is provided with an

individually tailored learning plan, with progress monitored by the learning adviser who

makes regular visits to the dealer for on-the-job assessment and guidance. John Deere

offers three different apprenticeship programmes, leading to different career paths. You

can choose Ag Tech, Turf Tech or Parts Tech.

Ag Tech

With the emphasis firmly on farm machinery, you will develop skills and proficiency in

a wide range of technical areas, from routine maintenance and servicing through to

complex component overhauls utilising the very latest John Deere diagnostic equipment.

Turf Tech

This turf engineering apprenticeship develops exactly the same skills as its agricultural

equivalent, but with the focus more on machines used by golf courses, sports grounds,

local authorities, landscapers and country estates.

Parts Tech

As a company John Deere is renowned not just for its machinery, but also for its

outstanding parts and service support. This apprenticeship concentrates on how to

manage John Deere’s sophisticated parts systems, run a profitable retail environment,

merchandise goods effectively, and understand the value of John Deere products and the

importance of selling on quality rather than on price.

How long does it last?

The apprenticeship programmes last for two to four years, depending on the course you

choose. Most of your time is spent employed at a John Deere dealership where you learn

on the job, but with the added benefit of some classroom and workshop tuition at the

Training Academy.

There’s never been a better time to consider an engineering apprenticeship with John Deere. As the agricultural

and turf machinery business becomes more technologically advanced, utilising satellite navigation systems, Formula 1

transmission technology, computerised controls and advanced, fuel-efficient engines, the need for skilled people

working in the industry becomes ever greater. It’s not just about the machines either. Sophisticated parts and service

systems require the same skills too. The John Deere dealer of tomorrow is a challenging business, with a wide range of

opportunities and exciting prospects for the right people. Whatever your interest, there is a role for you.