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Babcock headquarters, Ruddington

John Deere

Since it was founded in the US in the first half of the 19th century, John Deere the company

has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural and forestry

equipment, with the broadest range of domestic and professional turf equipment. Its

worldwide operations also include construction equipment, power systems and finance.

John Deere the man set up a small blacksmith shop in 1837 in Grand Detour, Illinois, where

he invented a revolutionary self-scouring steel plough that transformed agriculture in

the tough prairie soil of the US Midwest. A decade later he moved his business to Moline,

where the company that bears his name still has its worldwide headquarters today.

From this one-man enterprise, John Deere today has more than 60,000 employees

worldwide, with 64 factories in 18 countries, including tractor manufacturing in seven

countries on four continents, and a marketing presence in more than 140 countries. The

company also invests nearly $5 million dollars every working day in its worldwide research

and development programmes.

From the day he started, blacksmith John Deere was determined to build his business on

integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. These core values still determine the way we

work today.

Babcock and John Deere – working together to deliver training

Babcock International Group’s Training & Education business is one of the largest in the

UK. It has been delivering John Deere’s award-winning Ag Tech, Turf Tech and Parts Tech

apprenticeship training programmes since September 2010, when they became the first

land-based machinery programmes with training delivered in the workplace.

A Babcock learning adviser visits each apprentice in their workplace every 10 weeks to

assess what they’ve learned and to give extra guidance and support. This means regular

one-to-one training for apprentices and the businesses they work for. Through this process

the apprentices work towards the latest City & Guilds Land-Based Diploma.

Additional training takes place at Babcock’s purpose-built training facility at the

Ruddington Training Academy near Nottingham, not far from the John Deere Training

Centre at the company’s UK headquarters in Langar. At Ruddington, apprentices use up

to date, state of the art equipment and gain further knowledge from experts in support of

their work-based learning.

Babcock’s training programme for John Deere is designed specifically for the company,

utilising John Deere’s core subjects within the standard apprenticeship framework in order

to give both a landbased and an Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) LTA Level 2

qualification within one learning programme. This leads straight into the John Deere adult

training programme at the John Deere University (JDU). Babcock’s John Deere learners

can go on to complete three free adult courses in their fourth year to gain the John Deere

Diploma and start their adult training in JDU.

John Deere

Deere & Company headquarters, Moline

Parents/guardians/careers advisers – this section is for you

We hope that young people embarking on an apprenticeship will be enthusiastic about learning and working, and keen to apply

themselves to their chosen career. You want that too, but you also need to know that we take good care of them.

With over two decades of training successfully delivered, the John Deere apprenticeship programme is widely acclaimed for its

excellent track record in producing successful graduates. The programme is administered and delivered by Babcock, the largest

training provider in the UK, with more than 130 years of experience within the engineering sector.

All new apprentices and their parents or guardians are invited to a special induction day, which includes tours of John Deere

Limited’s headquarters at Langar near Nottingham and the training Academy in nearby Ruddington, as well as a visit to the hotel

where the apprentices stay during their residential training weeks.

During the residential weeks, Babcock’s training staff are responsible for the apprentices’ welfare. We use a hotel that is experienced

in supporting young people away from home, and equipped to meet their needs (including a chill-out room complete with games

console). The residential weeks also include a programme of team-building trips, so there are opportunities for fun and relaxation as

well as study.

See overleaf for contact details.