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- Using the power of

JDLink you can optimize productivity,

increase uptime, and boost profits

with machine information accessible

from a laptop, desktop, or mobile

device. With remote monitoring

of reports and operator guidance

training available to the customer

and Farol.



- Our

FarmSight team are on hand to keep

your technology as well looked after as your machines, with services catering for

activations, calibrations, data clean up, information and settings transfer / upgrade.


- Machine / equipment demonstrations - Tractors, combines,

sprayers, and SPFH.

AMS products

- Screens / Domes,

ATU systems and Pro Modules.


- Use cropping practices that

require the ultimate in accuracy?

Then go with RTK. It provides +/-

2.5cm accuracy and repeatability

pass to pass.

Sales Consultancy

- We will guide

you through the whole process,

from point of sale right

through to installation

at the dealership or

your own farm.