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- Using the power of JDLink you can optimize productivity, increase uptime, and boost

profits with machine information accessible from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. With remote

monitoring of reports and operator guidance training available to the customer and Farol.



- Our FarmSight team are on hand to keep your technology as well

looked after as your machines, with services catering for activations, calibrations, data clean up,

information and settings transfer / upgrade.

Demonstrations - Machine / equipment demonstrations

- Tractors, combines, sprayers, and


AMS Products

- Screens / Domes, ATU systems and Pro



- Use cropping practices that require the ultimate in

accuracy? Then go with RTK. It provides +/- 2.5cm accuracy

and repeatability pass to pass.

Sales Consultancy

- We will guide you through the

whole process, from point of sale right through to installation at the dealership or your own farm.

Help is at hand from our FarmSight specialists...

Many of our John Deere customers are already familiar with the benefits of Agricultural

Management Solutions (AMS) technology and Farol Ltd are now proud to present the following

services tailored to help you gain more productivity from your equipment and AMS products,

welcome to Farol Farmsight.

Basic training

- Operator training, machine

optimisation, using precision guidance

technology, Greenstar basics, wireless data

networks, field boundaries and steering sensitivity.

Advanced training

- For more advanced users, we

can also provide training on data management,

yield mapping, harvest map reports, in-field live

set up, harvest lab, spray pro, variable rate and

variable rate prescriptions.

Services Overview