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“There will always be issues of one kind or another

with machinery, so a priority is always how are they

rectified, and what do the supplying dealer and

manufacturer do about it? Dealer service, parts back-

up and warranty support are as important as reliability

– it’s certainly not just about the price. Then we look

at the technology, with an emphasis on cutting quality

– I have to be comfortable with the quality of cut and

course presentation overall.

“Also, with three courses to manage at The Belfry

the cutting regime is intensive and demanding, and

all the machines get worked very hard. We needed

confirmation that the chosen equipment would

manage to cope and maintain the quality course

experience for our visitors.”

For the selection process Angus, Jamie and the

greenkeeping staff therefore looked specifically at

new rough and semi-rough mowers, ride-on and walk-

behind greens mowers and utility vehicles, with John

Deere’s new 9009A rough mower demonstrated by

Farol’s golf sales manager

Matt Gilks in particular making a big impression on the


“The new 9009A is an absolutely superb bit of kit, and

the boys love it.” says Angus. “It has great climbing

ability, it can follow the course’s turf contours better

than previous machines and goes places we couldn’t

go before. I like the rear roller on the cutting units and

the consistency of cut.

“The cut quality and offset wheels on the 2500E hybrid

greens mower are also a very good feature. Used

alongside our existing TE electric Gators, particularly

to maintain the areas around the hotel, means early

starts are no problem as the machines are so quiet. In

addition, the TechControl system on the new A Model

mowers means we can set up these machines and keep

them operating consistently across all three courses, so

cut quality isn’t compromised.

“In recent years I believe John Deere has raised the bar

with its grass cutting equipment. It was this overall

combination of technology, plus the extensive choice

of Gator utility vehicles and tractors available from the

company, that really sealed the deal.”

Both Angus Macleod and Jamie Brooks also agree on the

importance of establishing a good working relationship

with the local dealer. “We’ve been really impressed with

the support Farol has given us so far, including very

comprehensive operator training, and this was another

one of the main reasons that we leant towards John

Deere in the final reckoning,” says Angus.

“We are aiming to bring back more tournaments to The

Belfry in 2017 and beyond, and the machinery we use

is very important for achieving this and maintaining the

courses at the high standards expected of us. I think

we’ve got the right kit for the job, and a lot of value

from the overall deal.”

The new 9009A is an

absolutely superb bit of

kit, and the boys love it.

-Angus Macleod