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Quick size guide: (approximate values)

Tennis Court = 0.10 acre / 400m2

1/2 Football Pitch = 0.88 acre / 3550m2

Football Pitch = 1.76 acres / 7100 m2

Electric Start


Even with the John Deere

ReadyStart system, an electric

key starter can make life that

little bit easier, with the added

security that the mower can’t

be started without the key.

Rear Roller


For a striped finish you will

require a rear roller, an added

benefit of a roller is that you

can get closer to edges as

the full width of the roller will

support the machine overhang.

Variable Speed


Bar mounted controls make

it easy to adjust the speed to

suit the terrain and mowing

conditions. Many models also

feature a convenient twist

knob that makes life easier still.

Single Speed


A self propelled lawnmower is

the next step in making lawn

care as effortless as possible.

With a powered rear axle, the

mower travels at 3.6km/h (just

below normal walking pace).

Walk-behind Lawnmowers

Walk-behind lawnmowers are the perfect solution for small to medium sized gardens. The range starts with

models like the


, a quiet but powerful push along battery powered mower ideal for lawns up to the

size of a tennis court. This then progresses onto self propelled petrol models such as the


, with it’s

4-stroke petrol engine it is capable of maintaining lawns up to approximately two tennis courts. There

are also more specialist models such as the


, which is self propelled with variable speed

control; it also has a full width rear roller to give your lawn that perfect striped finish.

Most of the walk-behind range have optional mulching kits available separately, these contain

a special insert for the deck, as well as high lift mulching blades to further reduce the clipping

size. There are also more advance features like a Blade Brake Clutch, which will allow you to stop

the blades while keeping the engine running, this is useful if you have to cross gravel driveways or paved areas while cutting

your lawn as it prevents damage to the blades and deck.

Where to start?

When choosing a John Deere lawnmower for your garden, there are a number of things you should consider to make sure

you find a mower that does everything you need...

The main points to consider are as follows:

How big is your garden? (there is a quick size guide at the bottom of this page)

Do you require a walk-behind or ride-on mower?

Do you want to mulch or collect (details on the benefits of mulching overleaf)

Are there any special features you require? (rear roller for stripes, electric starting, variable speed)

Once you have answered all the questions above, choosing the right mower should be a pleasant and easy experience as there

is a John Deere model for every type of garden, whether it’s a rear roller walk-behind, 4 wheel steer ride-on, or a whisper quiet

fully autonomous robotic mower.