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Natural fertilisers like grass clippings are the modern, intelligent way to keep lawns lush and healthy. With specially designed

blades and a deep domed deck, dedicated walk-behind mulching mowers like the




will ensure the clippings

are chopped small enough to be returned to the ground. Dedicated ride-on mulching mowers such as the



it’s 42” deck are also available for larger areas. More frequent

mowing will be required when mulching as it is only advisable

to take off approximately 1/3 of the grass blade in a single cut

to avoid the clippings clumping together.


• 2-3x faster than collecting

• Provides natural fertiliser for the lawn

• No need to waste time emptying a grass box

Autonomous / Robotic

One of the stars of the John Deere range is the

E5 Tango Series II

Autonomous Mower, this quiet and compact battery

powered mower has a high capacity Lithium-ion battery, and after mowing your lawn will automatically return to it’s docking

station to recharge. Once the boundaries have been set during

initial installation (boundary kit and docking station included)

the E5 Tango will automatically start/stop mowing periodically

to keep your lawn at the perfect height, giving you the time to

enjoy your weekend with one less task to think about.


• Fully weatherproof so it can be left outside in all conditions

• Requires no user input after initial installation

• Ultra quiet operation means you’ll barely notice it

Ride-on Lawn Tractors

For larger gardens (or to save time on a smaller garden) a ride-on lawnmower is the perfect

choice, capable of cutting lawns up to the size of a football field with ease. As with the walk-

behind mowers, collection, side/rear discharge or mulching options are available.

There are options to cover all requirements, including models with 4 wheel steering like the


for areas with obstacles such as trees. There are also features to make life easier for

the user, such as hydraulic deck lift, power steering and even cruise control to really make

mowing your lawn a hassle free and enjoyable experience.

EZtrack Zero-Turn Mowers

When your garden requires the speed and size of a ride-on but demands unsurpassedmanoeuvrability,

a John Deere Zero-Turn mower is the only choice. With it’s unique handlebar throttle/steering

system and caster wheels on the front, the


is able to turn 360° on the spot, making

precision trimming easy. With a forward speed of up to 14.5km/h and deck sizes up to

122cm/48”, a Zero-Turn mower will have the job finished in record time too.

While the standard configuration for the Zero-Turn is side discharge, optional mulching kits

and high capacity collection systems are also available for all three models in the range.