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To compliment thegreat rangeof JohnDeereprecision farming solutions, we arepleased toannounce

a partnershipwith Sixty-5 Technologies for their innovative Grass-Guide entry-level guidance system.

Sixty-5; a Belfast based agri-software company have developed a

simple-to-use, Android tablet based guidance product that uses

both GPS and GLONASS for a pass-to-pass accuracy of +/-15cm.

The Grass-Guide was developed with the grass-land / livestock farmer

in mind; giving these users a simple to use tool for fertiliser spread-

ing, spraying and grassland management, that enables them to take

advantage of the core technology employed on larger arable farms

but at a an affordable price.




Simplicity of use; the product requires no training or

learning, simply enter in the machine dimensions press ‘Start Job’ and

then switch the guidance on by the press of one button in the centre

of the screen, Grass-Guide simply maps where you've been, shows

you the heading in which you are travelling and places a next pass

guideline on the screen enabling the user to drive as they wish with

the information displayed reduce overlapping and misses.


Tablet based system; Grass-Guide comes complete with the latest Samsung 7” tablet that is used as the op-

erational screen, the tablet is a fully functional Android based system with the Grass-Guide software taking the form

of an App. This has the benefit that the tablet can be used for other purposes such as emails and internet browsing.

With the software being in an App format means that it doesn't go out of date just as periodic updating of Apps on

your phone happens Grass-Guide will be periodically updated free of charge meaning an investment today will be

future proof in terms always having the latest operating software.


Recording and storage of treatment data; When a treatment has been completed, Grass-Guide produces an

two dimensional map that is date and time stamped as well as being accurate in terms of geo-location. Using the

tablet’s built in WiFi this 2D map is then synced to dedicated cloud based portal where the user can can view the

maps on Google Earth™ and add in notes about the operation. These maps are strictly private and belong to the user

to use as he sees fit for traceability and farm management purposes.

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