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Jeff Richings - Farol Sprayer Specialist
07980 869324 e-mail:
Why choose Farol for your sprayer needs?
Jeff Richings
Group Sprayer Specialist
Jeff Richings has worked for Farol for over 15 years as a service
technician before taking on a specialism in the last few years with
sprayer and crop care products. Being a qualified NSTS tester for
over 10 years, Jeff has worked on a variety of mounted, trailed
and self propelled sprayers. Jeff now takes on a group role as the
Farol Sprayer Specialist covering all aspects of sales, service,
parts and technical challenges.
Crop Spray Team
• Every Farol Depot has at least one Sprayer Service Specialist
along with a dedicated Parts Support Team Member to make sure
you have maximum output and efficiency in the field
• Farol carry out over 170 NSTS tests every year on John Deere
and multiple brand mounted, trailed and self propelled sprayers
• Over 6,500 part lines on the shelf covering John Deere and
multiple brand sprayers
• Annual in field advanced training and updates for the Crop Spray Team
• Fixed price winter servicing on 700/800/900 and 5430i sprayers
with detailed reporting
Crop Spray
The Farol Crop Spray
team boast a wealth
of knowledge and
experience on all types
of sprayers. Each
member is based at a
Farol Depot and has
full access to the latest
John Deere parts and
service systems
The Farol Crop Spray
Team at recent
John Deere training
in Holland
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