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National Sprayer Testing Scheme
What does it mean?
Legislation is changing
Are you prepared?
NSTS is the National Sprayer Testing Scheme for the UK.
The scheme has been part of UK agriculture since 2003 and a
main pillar of the Voluntary Initiative. NSTS tested sprayers are
a requirement of UK crop assurance scheme and supermarket
protocols and NSTS satisfies the sprayer testing requirements
of the Sustainable Use Directive.
Reduce Costs - Be Environmental - Be Safe - Be Fully Compliant
Why test with Farol?
• Farol have a minimum of 2 NSTS testers per depot that
are highly trained technicians for John Deere sprayers
• Farol carry out over 150 tests every year on multiple
• You collect
points for attendance of a NSTS test
The full test consists of 47 test items, the first 30 of which must be
satisfied to receive a pass certificate. The subsequent 10 are
advisory and the final 7 are optional test elements.
This comprehensive test covers all the application components of
the sprayer to ensure the machine is working correctly and
efficiently with further considerations of safety for the sprayer
operative and the environment.
What is involved with a test?
Major components of the sprayer tested include control systems, hoses and pipework, nozzles and
nozzle control systems, filters, pumps, tank, chemical induction systems and booms. In addition it is
recommended that computer control systems are checked to maximise efficiency and to satisfy the
calibration element of crop assurance schemes.
During 2014
Demonstrate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is followed on farm.
26 Nov 2015
The sprayer operator on all farms must hold a Recognised Certificate.
26 Nov 2016
All active application equipment must have an NSTS Certificate. This means all sprayers.
Three dates that matter for any one that uses professional pesticides:
All persons applying pesticides commercially by
26 Nov 2015
has to have a certificate of competence
from the NPTC.
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