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As a John Deere customer you have control of the data in your

MyJohnDeere account that helps you optimise your operations.

Your privacy matters to us.

That’s why data protection is our

top priority.

We understand that you have questions

or concerns regarding your personal

information, how it will be stored and

how it will be used.

We perform the services (like

JDLink and MyJohnDeere) you

have purchased by collecting

data on your behalf.

We comply with the

European data privacy

directive and local laws

The European data privacy

directive and local laws

distinguish between personal

data and non-personal data.

The latter is anonymised and

aggregated, so it cannot be

traced back to individual


We collect data to provide

you the service:

Machine data

Such as diagnostics to keep

your machines up and


Production data

Such as routes travelled or

crop yield to provide you with

services which help optimise

your operations.

We do everything possible to

ensure customer data is safe

John Deere treats customer

data with the appropriate

level of confidentiality and

protection at all times.

The individual customer has

control of access to the data

in his/her MyJohnDeere

account including sharing


This is our 4-step approach to make

sure your data stays secure: