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R4040i engineered for
maximum performance
and uptime
Proven power
The new R4040i is powered by the 6.8 l
PowerTech PSS engine used in our 7R Series
tractors. Its high power output of 235 hp
(255 hp with IPM) uses a 4-valve, high pressure
common rail (HPCR) fuel system, injection
pressure to 2000 bar and two turbochargers.
The engine meets Stage IV emission regulations.
Fast transport and spraying
with XtraFlex
XtraFlex individual wheel suspension maximises
stability on uneven terrain, providing greater
boom stability, more precise application and fast
spraying. With up to ± 10 cm travel and pressure
adjustment it allows field speeds of 20 kmph –
and provides excellent operator comfort. The
optional boom variable geometry control is the
ideal solution to enable you to work on hilly
terrain at speeds up to 20 kmph, minimising drift
and skips, while reducing operator fatigue and
the chance of boom damage through ground
AMS cuts costs and raises
John Deere Agricultural Management Solutions
significantly increase your spraying effectiveness.
For example, our guidance systems can reduce
overlaps by up to 90 %, saving you fuel and
chemicals. JDLink gives you real-time maintenance
alerts on your desktop or mobile device to
maximise uptime.
New from John Deere, the R4040i self-propelled sprayer is optimally designed
to get the job done quickly! The PowerTech engine increases transport speeds and
the XtraFlex suspension enables faster field operation. The 50L PowrFill inductor
accelerates the filling of liquids and powders and the 2x280 l pump delivers
exceptionally fast spraying.
You get maximum productivity even in tough and hilly conditions, achieving the
desired spray speed on slopes thanks to the hydrostatic Hill Climber. Cleaning is also
fast and controlled from the cab, for operator comfort as well as productivity.
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