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Agricultural Management
information to work on
your farm.
Intelligent features and integrated solutions,
for faster, easier and more accurate spraying,
planting and seeding, increasing your
profitability year after year.
–– Spray the right amount at the right
place – across all your fields
–– Maximise machine productivity,
minimise input cost
–– Increase operator comfort
–– Transfer the main components from
machine to machine and use them
all year round
Keeps the boom at a constant height over
the crop for faster, more accurate spraying.
Especially useful on sloping or uneven fields.
Section control
Automatically switches boom sections and
seeding units on and off to minimise overlap
and skips on irregular fields and headlands.
StarFire 3000 Receiver
Can use GPS and GLONASS satellites and therefore
has faster signal acquisition and higher signal
stability. Works with all accuracy levels
(SF1, SF2, Radio and Mobile RTK).
GreenStar 3 2630 Display
Full-colour touch screen for convenient sprayer
setup and control. Enables documentation,
performance monitoring, Remote Display Access
and precision guidance and comes with advanced
ISOBUS capabilities.
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