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John Deere leads Stage V engine transition

12th April 2016
This article is more than 1 year old

John Deere leads Stage V engine transition

John Deere leads Stage V transition with DPF expertise and fully trained service network

Building on DPF expertise delivers improved total fluid efficiency and outstanding performance to agricultural customers

Mannheim, 11 April 2016 — John Deere is prepared today to lead European customers seamlessly through the upcoming transition from Stage IV to anticipated Stage V regulations with proven experience and expertise. The current line-up of John Deere engines equipped with DPF technology are Stage V capable, which makes the transition easy for John Deere customers.

One of the significant impacts of Stage V will be the introduction of a particle number (PN) limit for engines in the 19kW to 560kW power band, which will necessitate use of DPF technology by manufacturers. John Deere has been employing DPF technology since Stage IIIB, with more than 150 million DPF hours logged in the field.

“Our extensive experience with the development and integration of DPF technology means John Deere is already capable of complying with the requirements indicated in the EU Commission’s proposal COM (2014) 581 concerning Stage V emissions,” says Geoff Stigler, director of sales, marketing and customer support in EAME, Asia and Australia for John Deere Power Systems. This confirms the engine technologies implemented by John Deere for Stage IV have proved to be the right ones.

“The existing John Deere emissions path offers customers a Stage V capable solution that continues to deliver outstanding performance, fluid economy, operator convenience and overall value without the need for any additional technology,” says Chris Wigger, John Deere Region 2 Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Ag and Turf.

Other technology choices made for Stage IV would require changes and added emissions complexity in order to comply with the proposed Stage V regulations. “As the implementation of Stage V approaches, customers can be confident because our proven emissions solution will provide a simple transition,” Chris Wigger says.

The depth of experience John Deere has with DPFs extends throughout the John Deere service dealer network. John Deere dealers have been working with the technology since the implementation of Stage IIIB, resulting in a service network with years of experience, extensive training and an unparalleled comfort level with DPF technology.

The fact is John Deere engines equipped with a DPF already meet the current emissions standards. This is particularly important for markets like local authorities and other low emissions areas that are looking for vehicles meeting the most advanced emissions standards for their environmental friendliness.

Chris Wigger says John Deere is fully committed to providing its customers with innovative, technologically advanced engines solutions that continue to provide distinctive customer benefits in terms of vehicle performance, total fluid efficiency and ease of maintenance.