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Make Every Hectare Count with Farol Connect

Record KeepingRecord Keeping

Say good bye to paper records and clumsy spreadsheets. With Farol Connect you can capture all your farm activities on the go using your smartphone, tablet or web browser. With your seeding, application and yield information online you can plan upcoming activities, manage logistics, share data with your trusted advisor and make informed decisions.

Precision FarmingPrecision Farming

Farol Connect is the most powerful and versatile precision farming solution available today. By automatically capturing and analyzing the agronomic data directly from your equipment it has become the “easy button” for farmers everywhere. 

Unlike other software providers, Farol Connect is able to combine precision data from your equipment with other independent sources. Farol Connect includes spatial layers for:
  • Agronomic - seeding, application, yield
  • Topographic - soil, elevation, slope, CLU
  • Weather - rainfall, temp, wind, humidity, GDD
  • Equipment - fuel, speed, location, setup
  • Prescriptions - seeding, application, irrigation
  • Other - management zones, profitability, benchmarking
This is the way precision agriculture was always meant to be - simple, affordable and incredibly valuable.

Equipment IntegrationEquipment Integration

With Farol Connect you can turn your tractor, sprayer or combine into a full-time book keeper. Using the precise equipment data that is generated during operation, Farol Connect is able to automatically calculate the cost of each activity at its precise location throughout the field. This data is then used to build a profitability map by comparing all costs with yield in the Pixel Profit module.

With wireless connectivity to your equipment you can view current location, manage logistics, run activity reports, see fuel levels, view alarms and more. With two-way data transfer capability you can also upload setup and prescription files directly to the machine saving valuable time and ensuring the correct file is matched to each machine.

Agronomic InsightsAgronomic Insights

Don't let your valuable yield maps collect dust. Let Farol Connect put them to work and make you money! By digitizing your yield data and comparing against other data sets, Farol Connect is able to automatically deliver insights that were previously impossible. 

See yield by variety analysis to determine which seed varieties are the most productive on your farm. Analyze them by soil type or elevation and create a variable rate seeding prescription optimized for every acre in every field. 

Ever wondered what the payback was of a certain application? Let Farol Connect analyze the results so you know precisely what is delivering the biggest bang for your buck across your farm.

Inventory ManagementInventory Management

Farol Connect makes inventory management painless. By using the data directly from your equipment you send less time entering data and more time running your operation. In fact, the reporting tools tell you precisely how much was used, where it was applied and reconcile all of your remaining inventory. It even allocates the correct product purchase amounts and totals into the financial reports for each field. 

Operator didn't enter the correct tank mix on the controller in the cab, no problem. With Farol Connect you can edit tank mixes, blends and other crop inputs after the job is complete. The system then applies the correct totals against the application rates and adjusts the inventory and financials automatically. 

With this high level of integration and flexibility, Farol Connect is the most effective farm inventory management system available.

Financial ReportingFinancial Reporting

Generate detailed financial reports with Farol Connect’s Farm Financials tool. Track fixed and variable costs, total expenditure by field, projected yield and commodity price comparisons. Keep a running total of every field with real-time data streaming direct from your equipment to your financial reports. 

Combined with up to the minute commodity prices, the Farol Connect Platform becomes the must have book keeping tool for farmers in the 21st century.

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