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FarmSight focuses on connectivity

4th August 2015
This article is more than 1 year old

FarmSight focuses on connectivity

Seamless connectivity between machines, operators and fields is at the heart of a range of new ‘information enabled agriculture’ solutions for contractors and arable farmers, introduced as part of John Deere’s FarmSight initiative.

Agricultural production needs to become more efficient in order to serve the growing demand for food while also achieving appropriate margins, especially in times of decreasing crop and increasing input prices.

The utilisation of real-time machine and field data and the provision of a seamless connection between the farm’s office and its operators open up significant opportunities in three key areas: improved machine uptime, higher equipment performance and reduced operating costs all combine to improve production margins. John Deere therefore continues to invest heavily in research & development, with a clear focus on new information solutions for European contractors and arable farmers.

“With John Deere FarmSight we are making information enabled agriculture a reality, and this remains a core element of our strategy to address the future needs of farmers and contractors,” says Chris Wigger, John Deere Region 2 Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

“The vast majority of John Deere dealers across Europe have made significant investments to continuously develop professional FarmSight dealer services. They are well prepared to support their customers by providing integrated solutions in this area.

“Our customers are managing more widely distributed fields, larger equipment fleets, more and frequently changing operators and on top of this, they must comply with a growing number of regulatory requirements. Our three new solution packages enable customers to connect to their machines, their operators and their fields in a fully integrated, innovative manner,” Wigger adds.

John Deere FarmSight solutions are designed to meet the following vital requirements:

  • all-makes connectivity and system openness;
  • seamless integration of solutions throughout the entire value chain;
  • comprehensive data privacy and security.

“We remain fully committed to the policy of system openness for the integration of data captured on machines and with systems from other manufacturers. If anyone still believes that John Deere is ‘not open’, feel free to show us any competitor who provides a higher level of openness and supports industry standards to a stronger extent,” Wigger continues.

Farmers and contractors have many partners supporting them in running a successful business. Not only implement manufacturers, but also agricultural input suppliers, software providers and agricultural service providers such as consultants, are vital resources helping to manage a sustainable and competitive business.

By taking an ‘open system’ approach, virtually anybody can become a John Deere partner by implementing a data communication interface to the Operations Center in the web portal, as long as common standards and integrity levels are met.

“Our customers can expect added value from user friendly solutions and the benefits of collaborative investments to increase yields and reduce input costs, including seamless data management that gives the customer full control of what goes where,” says Wigger.

Comprehensive data privacy and security are also key requirements to make information enabled agriculture successful. As a trusted brand, John Deere fully respects the European data privacy directive and local data privacy laws, and uses personalised customer data only for the delivery of the contracted service to the customer.

The company has recently started the process of establishing a physical data storage location in Europe. “Rest assured, we will not allow ourselves to compromise data security and privacy,” Wigger concludes.