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Farol Technology

Helping you Grow

The Farol Technology Department is the best in the industry, Leading the way in FarmSight, TurfSight and TechSight in Europe. We work closely with John Deere on the latest innovations providing our customers with up to date technology, often before the rest of the UK.

We believe that technology should improve your life and your business, not complicate it.

Our consultants act as equipment advisors to your business, helping you to optimise equipment costs and logistics - much like an agronomist advises on your crops. We specialise in finding you the right solution to reduce your costs and frequently work in partnership with agronomists to provide a turn-key solution to your farm management and data collection requirements.

Case Studies:

Kensham Farms - Connected Combine Package

Rotherfield Estate - Retrofit John Deere Rate Controller & Mobile RTK

Farol FarmSight Training

Satellite GPS Guidance 

We offer sales and support of Vehicle Guidance Systems, from our entry-level Agricision OnTrak System to the latest SF6000 Greenstar recievers, Greenstar Displays and retrofittable AutoTrac steering wheels.

Mobile RTK 

We can upgrade your guidance system to John Deere Mobile RTK, the best in the industry. Using an SF6000 Dome the accuracy of +/- 2.5cm is maintained for up to 14 days without signal - perfect for those cell coverage dead-spots!

Variable Rate Seeding & Variable Rate Fertiliser 

We provide both equipment and software solutions for those looking to optimise their inputs and yields. Using the free platform and your John Deere hardware, variable rate maps can be created and sent wirelessly from your agronomist, directly to your tractor screen and back into your Operations Center account. Using John Deere Manure Sensing, we can also help you create and apply variable rate slurry based on your target Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphate or volume.

Connected Support

Farol Technology use the most advanced health monitoring and prognostics systems in the world - through John Deere Expert Alerts and health monitoring. With your consent, our systems can monitor your machine 24/7 and provides our Connected Technicians with a current health score for your machine.

It monitors and codes that might occur (Even if they don't show on the tractor screen) and should your machine need any attention, one of our team will call you to discuss options for rectification. In some cases, Farol can fix the issue without a call out by sending new software to resolve an issue.

Should your machine need servicing, we will call you prior to arrange a time convenient to you.If there is a need to connect to your machine we can do that before leaving the depot, reducing your service call out charges. For customers with an Essential Support Package, a Farol Service Agreement or PowerGard, this is all free of charge.

With our expert knowledge, Farol Technology brings you a customer experience that you’ve never had before. We look forward to speaking with you about these services in the very near future.

Please contact or call 0808 164 7700 for more information.