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John Deere wins TechAgro gold and silver medals

23rd April 2018
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John Deere wins TechAgro gold and silver medals

Innovation is the driving force behind John Deere’s ongoing programme of creating and developing intelligent solutions. At the recent TechAgro show in Brno, the company’s research and development efforts have once again been recognised with the award of gold and silver medals for its latest combine and planter technology.

S700 Series combine harvester

John Deere’s S700 Series combine harvester has won a TechAgro Grand Prix Innovation Award for 2018. The judging panel commended the combine’s new ICA2 & Active Yield automatic features as a big step forward in harvesting efficiency and intelligence.

The all-new S700 combine harvester range was announced in summer 2017 and introduces a new dimension in harvesting innovation. Integrated Combine Adjustment 2 (ICA2) is the first system for completely automatic optimisation of the combine on the market.

After optimising machine settings such as forward speed, grain quality and losses and cleanliness of the sample using ICA, the ICA2 system changes the settings automatically to maintain the pre-selected output at a constant level. Without the need for any operator input, the system sustains the required quality of work and takes advantage of the combine’s full potential, daily and throughout the season. According to a study conducted by the University of Göttingen in Germany, ICA2 can improve utilisation of the combine’s built-in capacity by an average of 20 per cent.

“We are delighted to receive this award, which is valued recognition of the work done by John Deere product designers and engineers to bring this new product to market,” says Carsten Heftrig, John Deere’s combines product marketing manager for Region 2. “The new S700 Series is the biggest advance yet in improving harvesting technology and deserves its new name of the Automated Combine.”