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KUHN Farm Machinery at LAMMA 2019

15th November 2018
This article is more than 1 year old

KUHN Farm Machinery at LAMMA 2019

KUHN Farm Machinery will be attending LAMMA ‘19 at the NEC in Birmingham with a wide range of machinery from its sprayer, baler, baler-wrapper and feed wagon ranges, plus a selection of fertiliser spreaders, cultivation equipment and seed drills.

As well as some of the Company’s well-established models and ranges, the following new machines will also be on display:


MERGE MAXX 950 – bi-directional belt merger

Aimed at large-scale grassland operations, the MERGE MAXX 950 uses two adjustable, variable width and bi-directional merger belts to give a maximum grass pick-up width of 9.50 metres.

The bi-directional design of the MERGE MAXX 950’s twin belts provides multiple windrow delivery options: forage can be delivered into a single central windrow, a single lateral windrow (left or right side), two lateral windrows (one either side) or a central and left or right lateral windrow.

Pick-up and windrow width can be adjusted to suit the quantity and type of forage material being harvested, thus enabling the number of passes and associated costs to be reduced.  For lateral windrows, the windrow width can be varied between 1.00 and 1.50m.  For central windrows, the windrow can be up to 2.20m in width.

Auto-regulating rollers at the front and side of the pick-up unit self-adjust their position according to crop thickness.  These in turn pass a consistent and constant supply of forage to the merger belts, thus enabling the MERGE MAXX to produce a uniform, airy and faster-drying windrow which makes it easier for the subsequent baler or chopper to collect large volumes of grass: for forage harvesters this can equate to a 2-3km/h increase in forward operating speed.

The MERGE MAXX 950 folds to 3.00m (width) by 7.40m (length) by 3.60m (height) for easy transportation between fields and is compatible for tractors with a minimum power output of 85hp.


MAXIMA 3 – new generation precision seed drill

Available in 6 to 12 row versions and capable of drilling crops with row spacings from 37.5 to 80cm, the new MAXIMA 3 range comprises 12 models in a choice of configurations including telescopic, trailed, foldable and telescopic with adjustable spacing.

The new MAXIMA 3 drills use an improved seed selection and ejection system which enables accurate seed placement at working speeds of up to 10km/h.  Accuracy is also enhanced by a new seeding unit parallelogram which is reinforced in key areas, including at critical hinges and linkages, for added stability, robustness and longevity.

A new coulter pressure system, capable of producing up to 180kg of downward pressure, also enhances seeding accuracy by ensuring consistent depth control.

The MAXIMA 3 range also boasts an electrically driven seed metering system which allows application rates to be adjusted manually on the move or in accordance with a pre-prescribed seeding map.  The electrically operated system also enables GPS or manually controlled row shut-off.

Each seeding unit’s settings (depth, ground pressure, furrow closing, etc.) can be adjusted easily and quickly by hand and without the need for any specialist tools.  This not only makes setting the machine up more efficient, but also makes maintenance tasks less time consuming.

A wide choice of optional equipment, including angle-adjustable V-MAX rear closing wheels which provide a furrow closing pressure of up to 45kg, fertiliser hoppers, front, rear and intermediate press wheels, clod cleaners and trash wipers is also available.


OPTIMER XL 5000 – independent disc stubble cultivator

The OPTIMER XL range of stubble cultivators consists of mounted and trailed machines in working widths of 3 to 5 metres.  The 5-metre trailed OPTIMER XL 5000 will be on display at LAMMA.

All versions feature two rows of independent discs followed by a roller bar which can be equipped with a variety of KUHN press wheels.  Large diameter (620mm) notched discs made of 6mm thick steel are capable of working at depths from 5 to 15cm: working depth is adjusted manually as standard or hydraulically as an option.  The large diameter of the discs makes them able to incorporate high volumes of trash and crop residue easily and efficiently, with working speeds of 7 to 17km/h possible.

Each disc is mounted on four elastomer blocks which enable them to move independently over obstacles, thereby maintaining an even working depth across the machine’s full width, even when working in very stony conditions.  Adjustable soil retaining discs which can be angled 14o to the front or 14o rearwards and by up to 12o vertically prevent soil being thrown out of the cultivated strip and maintain level and consistent seedbed preparation.

The second row of discs is followed by a roller bar which can be equipped with a choice of KUHN’s tube or ring rollers to ensure perfect soil tamping irrespective of the type of soil being worked.  All discs and rollers are mounted on sealed-for-life, no-maintenance bearings.