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Jeff Richings

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Steve Bate

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Luke Ward

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Head Office

Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2NZ

Group Tel:

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Dear Customer,

We’re writing to inform you of imminent StarFire network improvements. Changes to the StarFire

network, which provide differential corrections to John Deere StarFire receivers used in precision

agriculture applications, will occur between November 2014 and 15th July 2015.

What is changing?

The frequencies used by satellites to broadcast differential corrections to StarFire receivers are

changing. The actual corrections themselves will not be changed, they will just be broadcast at a

different frequency. Updates to StarFire receivers are needed in order to continue receiving

corrections but receiver performance will not change once those updates are made.

Why are the changes needed?

Frequency bands near those used for StarFire differential correction signals continue to be

developed by other agencies and industries. The upcoming change will ensure the StarFire

frequencies are broadcast as far away from nearby frequencies as possible. This will minimise

the potential for interference.

What changes are needed?

StarFire iTC

will require an update of the software to the latest

version that includes new frequency values 3.73G or later.

StarFire 3000

will require an update to 2.00R or later in order

to receive over the air updates to function properly.

How do I make these changes?

You can update your 3000 dome using the link from stellar support below through a Greenstar


If you have an StarFire ITC please contact us.

How much will it cost?

If your 3000 dome is less than 12 months old this will be done

Free of Charge

For all other receiver updates in field/on farm


per unit

If your units are brought into your local Farol depot we can update your dome for



Discounted rates for multiple units.

(prices exclude VAT)

If your unsure of what is required please contact Farol FarmSight.