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My Data Plant

Is it time to consider Variable Rate drilling/applications?

John Deere Tractor and DrillMaking the transition from blanket applications to variable rate can be challenging, but with the aid of John Deere equipment, Farol technical support and our software partners, the transition can be made easier.

One option available to Farol is our software partner Kleffmann Digital, who provide growers with a software tool for enabling the creation of variable rate prescription maps that can be exported to most commercially available terminals.

Create Seed Maps

For variable rate drilling, if you have other data related to the field, the tool also allows you to capitalise on them by uploading different layers of data for the field; soil maps/ biomass/ yield maps etc. to optimise the available data and decide upon the relative influence of each layer in determining on the final output map. The objective is to identify the true variance in soil zones across the field so you can then input your chosen seed rate options.

The benefit is seen with more uniform crops to aid management in the season, uplifts in yield/ quality along with an aid to harvesting with more evenly maturing crops.

My Data Plant from Kleffmann Digital is an aid to precision farming and an intuitive system that keeps you in control of what mean rate you want to apply, the variance from the mean and a number of other factors.

Laptop Showing Satellite Maps

You can import your field boundaries from My John Deere or you can upload them from other systems or create them manually in My Data Plant. The system then provides a weekly visual map output monitoring of crop vitality/biomass development. This will then allow you to review the general health of your crops, identify areas that are under performing which may require closer inspection. From this biomass development and any other data layers you would like to consider, prescription maps can be produced for variable rate applications.

GPS enabled machinery along with implements linked to a controller will then facilitate the application of the variable rate map .

As the farming community responds to the demands of the new agriculture bill, a more sustainable, precision approach to inputs, which optimises the functionality of your equipment is a step in the right direction.

For more information please contact Farol Technology Consultant Howard Samm on or 07823 884681 to find out how My Data Plant might assist you.