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New John Deere kit at CropTec

2nd November 2015
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New John Deere kit at CropTec

John Deere’s first-ever four-track tractor is making its UK show debut at CropTec 2015. The top of the range 9620RX tractor is being shown alongside the new PowrSpray solution system and the latest AMS FarmSight precision farming developments, together with outdoor demonstrations of the market-leading R4040i self-propelled sprayer.

The new 9620RX tractor features a 620hp Stage IV 15-litre Cummins QSX engine, an e18 transmission with Efficiency Manager, articulated steering, cab suspension and optional Active Command Steering (ACS), for improved manoeuvrability in the field. Fully integrated AutoTrac guidance and JDLink Connect information management systems are also available, and track widths are 76cm (30in) as standard or 91cm (36in) as an option.

The 9RX range is designed to provide superior power, durability and improved ride quality, especially when handling large implements. The large, robust undercarriage features a positive-drive track system that effectively delivers more power to the ground. This is ideal for heavy draft applications such as cultivating, ploughing, discing and ripping, subsoiling and large-scale drilling applications.

John Deere’s new PowrSpray solution system for high specification R900i Series trailed sprayers, which are now available in three tank sizes of 4400, 5200 and 6200 litres, is the company’s latest innovative development in crop care technology.

PowrSpray features two hydraulically-driven centrifugal pumps. The first fills the sprayer at up to 1200 litres/min, while the second, a 1000 litre/min spraying pump, has Direct Rate Control for fast changes of application rate and the highest spraying accuracy.

The self-priming, low pressure filling pump fills the sprayer rapidly even with the tractor engine at idle, thus reducing fuel use and noise during the filling process. In addition, Direct Rate Control of the spraying pump is able to adjust between minimum and maximum output in less than three seconds, increasing rate control accuracy to a level that conventional systems cannot match.

This is especially important during headland entry and exit, where changing forward speeds and automatic section switching place heavy demands on rate control systems. Direct Rate Control also significantly improves the accuracy achieved in variable rate applications, where large changes in target rate may be required. Combined with ‘smart’ hydraulic control of the solution system, Direct Rate Control allows spraying to be completed independent of the tractor engine rpm.

PowrSpray comes as standard with Auto Filling, Auto Agitation Intensity control (where the tank agitation intensity decreases as the solution tank level lowers), Power Agitation (for maximum intensity agitation of difficult to mix products), Active Pause for stress-free chemical filling and the unique Auto Dilute rinsing system. R900i Series PowrSpray machines can also be optionally equipped with John Deere's automatic Section Control and BoomTrac auto boom levelling systems.

As part of the latest AMS FarmSight precision farming developments, John Deere customers who buy a ‘connectivity package’ with their new tractor, combine or self-propelled sprayer in 2016 will benefit in a number of ways.

With JDLink telematics, Remote Display Access (RDA), Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) and new Mobile Data Transfer (MDT), a suite of innovative solutions will be available to connect all-makes machines and ISOBUS implements to the customer’s own Operations Centre through the customised web portal.

Integrated within the Operations Centre, a new MyJobConnect job management tool has also been developed to help contractors and arable farmers to organise and carry out jobs more efficiently and cost effectively, without the need for paper records.