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New John Deere technology at Cereals 2015

11th June 2015
This article is more than 1 year old

New John Deere technology at Cereals 2015

Two of John Deere’s latest combine and sprayer developments were entered for this year’s IMMAs (International Machinery Manufacturers’ Awards) at Cereals 2015 event held in Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire on June 10 & 11.

The versatile 600X Series infinitely variable cutting platform with extendable knives was available in limited quantities for the 2015 harvest and will be in full production for 2016. A completely new design allows the header to be converted for use in different crops in less than four minutes. With no extra parts needed and an additional 800mm available for table adjustment, the 600X can help to significantly reduce header losses, especially in oilseed rape.

Features include integrated knives for oilseed rape and the availability of header settings on the in-cab touchscreen display, which can be automatically adjusted depending on the crop being harvested. The operator can enter both crop and stubble height into the display, after which an optimum suggested table length is recommended for maximum feeding and performance in all crops and varieties.

The new 600X Series combine headers (see table below) are available with cutting widths from 6.7 to 12.2m (22 to 40ft) and table positions ranging from 400 to 1200mm with or without the light 23kg side knives attached. They feature up to six height sensors for precise contour following, automatic table set-up, quick adjustment of the auger/stripper and a robust drive shaft for the knives. The headers also incorporate the only single-action coupling system on the market. 







Cutting width (m/ft)






The second innovative development is the PowrSpray solution system for John Deere’s high specification R900i Series trailed sprayers, which are now available in three tank sizes of 4400, 5200 and 6200 litres. The new R944i 4400-litre capacity model made its UK show debut at Cereals 2015.

PowrSpray features two hydraulically-driven centrifugal pumps. The first fills the sprayer at up to 1200 litres/min, while the second 1000-litre/minute spraying pump has Direct Rate Control for fast changes of application rate and the highest spraying accuracy. The self-priming, low-pressure filling pump fills the sprayer rapidly even with the tractor engine at idle, thus reducing fuel use and noise levels during the filling process. It is also used to prime the higher pressure spraying pump.

The Direct Rate Control of the spraying pump is able to adjust between minimum and maximum output in less than three seconds, increasing rate control accuracy to a level that conventional systems cannot match. This is especially important during entry and exit of headlands, where changing forward speeds and automatic section switching place heavy demands on rate control systems. In addition, Direct Rate Control significantly improves the accuracy achieved in variable rate applications, where large changes in target rate may be required.

Combined with ‘smart’ hydraulic control of the solution system, Direct Rate Control allows spraying to be completed independent of tractor engine rpm. AutoPowr IVT or DirectDrive tractors with engine/transmission management can be operated in 'ECO' mode, with low engine rpm significantly reducing fuel consumption during spray applications.

PowrSpray is packaged as standard with Auto Filling, Auto Agitation Intensity control (tank agitation intensity decreases as the solution tank level lowers), Power Agitation (maximum intensity agitation for difficult to mix products) and the unique Auto Dilute rinsing system. New R900i PowrSpray machines can also be optionally equipped with John Deere's automatic Section Control and BoomTrac auto boom levelling systems.