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New mid-specification sprayers expand crop care range

9th September 2013
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New mid-specification sprayers expand crop care range

New mid-specification sprayers expand crop care range

John Deere is extending its trailed sprayer range with the introduction of the new mid-specification M700(i) and M900(i) models for 2014. To help reduce spraying cost per hectare, these M-Series sprayers have been specially designed to meet the requirements of farms growing up to 750ha of cereals, oilseed rape or row crops.

M700 Series sprayers are available as standard versions with 2400, 3200 or 4000-litre tanks, or as ‘i-specification’ machines with 3200 or 4000-litre tank capacities. Equipped with a triple folding 30m boom, these sprayers match 6m seeders or drills, and compared to a 24m boom they can cover 25 per cent more ground at one pass.

The larger M900 Series sprayers have many of the same features as the R900i Series, including high capacity filling performance using the PowrFill chemical inductor, the same choice of 5200 or 6200-litre tank capacities for maximum productivity, and durable steel booms from 24 to 40m. The M900 and M900i are available with a manual or semi-automatic operator station for easy and fast sprayer set-up.

In addition to proven design features such as the low centre of gravity and double link axle suspension as seen on R-Series sprayers, new electronics and hydraulics provide a choice of different specification levels to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Both the M700i and M900i sprayers include ‘ISOBUS inside’, so the machines can communicate with the tractor and enable intelligent John Deere solutions. These include the Tank Fill Calculator, which helps the operator to calculate the correct amount of refill volumes required for each application, BoomTrac automatic boom height and tilt control and FieldDoc documentation software.

To meet the increasing demand for satellite guidance systems, AutoTrac automatic steering and GPS boom section control are also available on both i and non-i versions of the M-Series sprayers.

A new Implement Display 1100 has been developed to control the sprayer in conjunction with the multi-function lever, which is available on all i and non-i trailed machines. This durable, compact display replaces the current spray rate controller and control boxes featured on 700 Series sprayers, so all functions are readily accessible.

On the non-ISOBUS machines, the Implement 1100 display can be replaced by a GreenStar 1800 or 2630 display when using a StarFire receiver and for automatic boom section control. The interface with these displays meets all filling, spraying and documentation requirements, and is compatible with many John Deere FarmSight solutions.

The M900i and R900i sprayers will also offer an in-cab nozzle control, allowing the operator to switch between spray nozzles on the go.