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Performance enhancements for S-Series combines

9th September 2013
This article is more than 1 year old

Performance enhancements for S-Series combines

Performance enhancements for S-Series combines

John Deere’s 2014 S-Series combines will feature two major performance enhancing updates.

All S-Series models with the variable stream rotor will feature a new eight-wing beater, which produces an improved and more even crop flow into the feeding area thanks to a larger opening between each row of bars. This new component will help improve overall machine performance, especially in difficult harvesting conditions, while benefits in straw quality have also been observed.

In addition, the new John Deere EvenMax cleaning system provides three key benefits to European customers operating high capacity combines. These include the ability to provide even feeding on slopes and maximum airflow to separate clean grain more efficiently. The adjustable dual chaffer also allows the operator to better manage tailings loads and balance the overall cleaning shoe performance. These changes mean the John Deere EvenMax cleaning system operates more efficiently, which leads to more profit per ha of grain harvested.

Unique new grain loss monitoring system

Another advance in combine technology is offered by John Deere’s new grain loss monitoring system for W, T and S-Series combines. This unique system features a new digital processor and VisionTrac display that provide the operator with more accurate information on grain losses and allow him to make more precise adjustments relating to combine optimisation.

T550 updates

The John Deere T550 combine has been re-specified for 2014 to make it a more economical machine. This model features the deluxe cab adopted from W-Series combines, and a number of formerly standard features will now be available as optional equipment. These changes will significantly reduce the entry-level price of the T550 model, and are designed to encourage customers to consider switching from a single drum to the T-Series’ multi-drum threshing concept.

New Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) enhances performance

To support customers in optimising their combine’s performance, John Deere has developed a new Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA), which will be available on all W, T and S-Series combines. Offering this industry exclusive system on the entire John Deere combine range makes this a first in the area of combine optimisation. To ensure the system is easy to use, it is integrated into the cab’s armrest display. The ICA’s own display is available with an optional touch screen.

Designed to minimise losses and optimise both grain and straw quality, ICA offers the operator a selection of several harvesting strategies and a choice between single or multiple optimisation targets.

No matter what the operator values most – whether it’s grain quality, throughput, a cleaner sample or straw quality – direct feedback on changes in performance will be provided; there is no need to rely on an optimisation strategy preset by built-in software. As a result, the system will provide significant savings and quality assurance throughout the harvesting season, regardless of crop type.

Reducing operating costs with ProDrive

All new John Deere combines ordered with the ProDrive transmission will be equipped with an Engine Speed Management system that controls the engine rpm electronically according to the actual engine load. While climbing uphill, the combine engine operates under full load and maximum rpm. On flat land or when going downhill, both the engine load and rpm drop.

Depending on the amount of time the combine spends on the road, automatic control of the engine rpm will result in significant fuel savings throughout the season. Due to its unique on-the-go gear shifting ability, the ProDrive transmission also allows easier headland turns in the field, making the whole harvesting operation even more productive.

Enhanced residue management system for W and T-Series combines

John Deere’s 2014 W and T-Series combines will feature redesigned chaff spreaders and chaff pans with adjustable deflectors to match larger header capacities. To change from small grains to corn/maize, the operator simply reduces the speed of the spreader discs.

New versatile 600X headers

John Deere’s new, versatile 600X headers with extendable knives will complement the wide range of existing John Deere cutting platforms for combines. The 600X will only be available in limited quantities for the 2014 harvest.

A completely new design allows John Deere to offer features that will help save time converting the header for different crops, which now takes just eight minutes. These include integrated knives for oilseed rape and the availability of header settings on the in-cab display, which are automatically adjusted depending on the crop being harvested. With no extra parts needed and an additional 500mm available for table adjustment, the 600X will help to significantly reduce header losses in rapeseed.

Available with cutting widths from 6.7 to 12.2m (22 to 40ft) and table positions ranging from 400 to 1200mm, the 600X headers feature up to six height sensors for precise contour following, automatic table set-up, quick adjustment of the auger/stripper and a robust drive shaft for the knives.

The new 600X headers are the latest addition to the John Deere range of combine header options and attachments, which also includes (depending on market availability):


• 600R high performance universal header

• 600PF Premium Flow with active feeding

• 600VS VarioStar with variable table length

• 600D draper header

• 600C (corn) maize header

• 600F flexible cutterbar for lowest cutting heights

• 615P pick-up

• RapsProfi rapeseed attachment for 600R

• Sunflower attachment