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Chippers / Shredders

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RefImageMakeModelPower (hp)Weight (kg)Shreddable Diameter (mm)Price
NEWElietMajor 4S913555CALL USVIEW»
NEWElietSuper Prof18355130CALL USVIEW»
NEWElietProf 51328470CALL USVIEW»
11043263Eliet Prof 5 B1432080£ 6,495VIEW»
NEWEliet Super Prof MAX Chipper Shredder23140Call Us VIEW»
NEWTS IndustrieGS/Tiger25D25744140CALL USVIEW»
NEWTS IndustrieWS/16-35DT34748160CALL USVIEW»
11046778TS Industries WS/16-35D Turntable Chipper35745160£ 10,995VIEW»