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Rims & Duals

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MCRIM01512X28 Rims John Deer Adjustable Rim Used rim,2 Available, size 12X28 8 Stud adjustable rim Centre bore 150mm Off Set 190mm, Tyre Size 340/85X24£ 150VIEW»
MCRIM07316X22.5Silver Trailer Rim 6 Available, Price per rim Used, 8 Stud, Off set 220mm, Centre Bore 180mm£ 150VIEW»
MCRIM0124 1/2 JX12H2Silver trailer rim 1 AvailableUsed, rim centre bore 95mm off set 70mm £ 20VIEW»
MCRIM0114 1/2 JX12H2Silver Trailer rim1 Available Used, Rim Centre bore 95mm Off set 70mm fits £ 20VIEW»
MCRIM0146JX13H2 Silver trailer rim 1 AvailableUsed, Rim centre bore 115mm off set 100mm£ 20VIEW»
MCRIM0136Jx12H2Silver Trailer Rim2 available, price per rim Used, Rim 5 stud off set 90mm centre bore 110mm£ 20VIEW»