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Rollers & Compactors

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RefImageMakeModelTransport WeightWorking WidthPrice
11044494/5AmmannARX261200mm£ 17,495VIEW»
11050814AmmannAV26-22.8T1.2m£ 5,995VIEW»
11047377Ammann15/4080KG400mm£ 1,295VIEW»
11048551AmmannAPR2220 Foward/Rev Compactor Plate110kg40cm£ 2,650VIEW»
11045911AmmannAPF 125072KG500MM1026 VIEW»
11046706AmmannAPF 103354 KG330mm£ 795VIEW»
11043860BOMAGBW80 Roller1.5 Ton800mm£ 4,495VIEW»